Grab a fresh iced coffee for the road and set off to visit filming locations for The Blob! You can begin your tour on foot here in Phoenixville. Once you’re done viewing the Blob’s trail, we’ve included a few additional movie sets. Click on the film titles below to jump to a location or set of locations. Or, scroll through stop by stop and click on each individual address to open Google maps. 

Do take care while driving and if stopping on the sides of roads:
Chester County has extremely narrow, winding roads with surprising speed limits, many blind curves, and few shoulders where one can safely and temporarily park.
The theater’s facade has been maintained to look just as it did in the film.
This beautiful private residence facing picturesque Reeves Park is a stone’s throw from the theater, and still bears a sign commemorating filming. (While you’re there, visit Phoenixville’s Carnegie Library.)
Barkley Elementary School is also within walking distance of the Colonial and has lost none of its vintage charm.
While you’re visiting Royersford, consider dropping by Calhoun Jewelers, our 2022 Festival sponsor.
Jerry’s Market has been
lost to time.
Historic Yellow Springs is not only the location where, after coming across the celestial object, the Old Man crosses the road, it’s also where Shorty Yeaworth placed his ‘Good News Productions’ film studio. The location has a varied past spanning 300 years and was and is still the site of an art school.
The diner is open 24 hours a day!
This Middle School closed its doors in 2019. 
The cornfield is located right behind the school.
Temporarily renamed ‘The Filbert Restaurant’ during filming,
the G-Lodge Cafe serves tradish, diner-style breakfast and lunch. Perfect before or after a hike through Valley Forge National Park, which
is just up the road. 

The Fisherman is permanently closed, but still there. Retro Road Map’s obituary tells the restaurant’s story. 
Cossart Road is somewhat ominous and associated with various paranormal tales, which possibly inspired its use in Shyamalan’s The Village. See what the Colonial’s friends at Weird PA have to say - but take care.
Some gym scenes were shot at The Hill, a private boarding school with an interesting array of alumni that includes director Oliver Stone; actors Harry Hamlin and Malcolm Atterbury; Fountains of Wayne’s Chris Collingwood; Novelist James Michener; and PA Governor, Tom Wolf. Additional scenes were filmed at West Chester University.
The Home of the Mighty Macs, the very first women’s college basketball national champions, is a Catholic academic community, founded and sponsored by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and dating to 1920.
Built in 1868, the train station featured in Mare of Easttown is reportedly one of the oldest between Philadelphia and Harrisburg. Like Phoenixville, Coatesville is known for its steel, which was used in the St. Louis Archway.
The large cemetery is located on a hill overlooking Coatesville.
You can find your new home in Phoenixville at Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate, which purchased the gas station shortly after the HBO series filmed there.
From the Terrace (1960)  - some report that scenes in this Paul Newman film were shot in Phoenixville. 

Gene Wilder - worked as a psychiatric nurse at Valley Forge Military Hospital in Phoenixville, now University of Valley Forge. 1401 Charlestown Rd.